Friday, November 03, 2006


Yes the time has come, we're not gettin anymore entries so the winner has been chosen. Prize at the ready I will present it later today....................... could it be you? stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No. 12 Edward Smith

Nice one Ed thanks again for the contribution lovely work. Did you know that if you took the 'm' out of your surname you'd be a Sith, like in star wars. Looks like you're half way accross to the dark side already.......

No.11 Garrett 'G' force O Donoghue

Another few from Garrett's warped mind Christ I don't think I'll be goin to Limerick tonight for Halloween! Cheers Garrett again for the quality work.

Friday, October 27, 2006

No. 10 Franward Johnston

Well we're finally in double figures, on the morning of the Boulder Hallowe'en party Fran Johnston IIIrd has thrown his entry upon us. Quality Fran, quality. Like the great Ray D'arcy and myself, money wasn't the easiest to come by in the old days; so, growin up meant economising, and unlike kids these days, who go trick or treating in limousines fran reconstructs here his ritual dress up; which involved raiding the toilet paper from the jacks. The hardest thing was keeping it all in one piece and putting the same paper back on the roll, not an easy task; but fran had it down to a tee! Thanks Fran you're a star!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No.9 Ian 'Benny' Kenny

Entry No.9 comes in from the award winning; director, animator, background artist ; man of all trades Ian Kenny. Ian has basically taken on the ever tough and challenging task of portrating a classic literary character as a drunk. He's definitely thought this one through, because normally Irish artists would always be tempted to throw a pint of guinness into the piece; but not 'Benny', with a bit of thought and the resemblance and similarity of cognac and Dracla's favourite drink, blood, Ian has thrown in a non guinness drink. Very cool piece from the dirctor of the award winning 'Big Rock Candy Mountain'

Monday, October 23, 2006

No.8 Jamie Teehan

Lazy arse finally churned out a sketch of hallowe'en on the south side of Dublin. Y'know Power Rangers and all that, they're too modern; Jamie who still lives in 1985; brings us kids dressed as He-Man; and the old reliable; a kid dressed as a box! Great drawings man and to anyone else reading this get your fingers out and get drawing!

No.7 by The Reaper

A well executed little compositional gem from a mate of Pynchy's, or Chris Lynch, of entry no.6 fame. Known only as 'The Reaper', this mysterious entity has obviously got gaming skills and a taste for the third dimension, unlike the previous six before him; although it has been said that the Reaper has visited and returned unscathed from the fourth! But no one in their right mind would meddle with this purveyor of death, and 3d skills! Cheers for the submission man.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No.6 Christopher Lynch

A new face to the comp. The esteemed Chris Lynch 'threw' this one together. For those of you outside of Dublin this is pretty much how Booterstown, a quiet Dublin suburb, looks at this time of the year. Everyone throws their lit pumpkins into a narrow deep chasm and only the very bold few dare cross the footbridge at night; daytime it's a necessity cause the bus and train stations are on the other side; but at night, night, night. Anyway cheers Chris, you've raised the bar with the mood in this piece, it's got a lot going for it and the composition and detail works really well. Kudos man this is a masterpiece!

No.5 Garrett O Donoghue again

Well it seems a few contestants have time on their hands as we have graciously received a second entry from none other than the 'G' Man himself again. Garrett has kindly sent us the second of his hallowe'en reminiscences, which paints a beautiful postcard of Limerick in the Autumn. I especially like the spinal chords coming from the heads, need more blood though. Lovely stuff Garrett, send more. Cheers and anyone else interested get off your arses! Everyone that enters gets a link on the sidebar over yonder.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NO 4 Ed Smith again

Another contribution from the ever enthusiastic Ed Smith with his Quentin Blake'like caricature of a witch; he's up everyone's nostrils in the studio to post entries so fair play, and ye know he'll get results when he's bigger than everyone else! Fair play Ed.

NO.3 Tom Galvin

I added one of me own sketches too, fumbled together yesterday because Ed was on my ass tellin me to post, but i have an idea for a bigger one so i'll be workin on that in the meantime.

ENTRY NO.2 Garrett O Donoghue

good friend of mine the great Garrett 'G-MAN' O Donoghue, of whom legends are based, has submitted his entry in the great Halloween Extravaganza. Fair play and Up Limerick!

Garrett is one of the remaining pencil pushers in Ireland, everyone else has gone all techno, but at the end of the day he can stand tall with plenty of dignity for not selling out, or further educating himself. Fair play man, you have my vote, great little drawing too.