Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No.9 Ian 'Benny' Kenny

Entry No.9 comes in from the award winning; director, animator, background artist ; man of all trades Ian Kenny. Ian has basically taken on the ever tough and challenging task of portrating a classic literary character as a drunk. He's definitely thought this one through, because normally Irish artists would always be tempted to throw a pint of guinness into the piece; but not 'Benny', with a bit of thought and the resemblance and similarity of cognac and Dracla's favourite drink, blood, Ian has thrown in a non guinness drink. Very cool piece from the dirctor of the award winning 'Big Rock Candy Mountain'


Blogger Ed Smith said...

Lovely stuff Ian, way better than me... ye Bollox!

I fuckin hate you Ian

Fuckin award winner


3:37 AM  

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