Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Greetings and velcome to the halloween art competition HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

A few of us animation illuminati back in Ireland thought it's be a cool idea to have a halloween art competition, there will be no guidelines just draw, computerise, paint or scribble whatever hallowe'en means to you. It could be kids dressed up, witches on broomsticks, demons on doorsteps, Frankenstein bobbing for apples; whatever you want. It's open to all aspiring artists, whether you're in the industry or not, young or old, sober or off your trolley. You'll get the idea when we start posting our own entries. So join in and have fun. We'll keep the comp open for as long as we're receiving entries and when they start drying up we'll announce a 24 hour countdown and then the winner will be announced and crowned 'UNDEAD KING OR QUEEN OF HALLOWE'EN!'

We were toying around with the idea of offering a prize, and we decided that 1 MILLION DOLLARS would be fair; but then we realised that with tax and currency differences this would be an unfair prize at the end of the day, so we are going to purchase a trophy for this momentus event and the winner either in Ireland or the rest of the world will receive it following the grand ceremony which we hope to televise, or we'll record it and post the ceremony afterwards.

So how to enter would be a start; obviously we can't give out usernames and passwords for the blog, and we have to make sure that nobody's taking the complete mickey out of this momentus event; so send your artwork to Tom Galvin thru futuretravis@gmail.com and the entries will be posted shortly afterwards, or it might be later in the evening.

Looking foward to all the entries, hopefully loads and good luck.



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